Hi, I'm Philipp Götza aka Phil G!

Philipp Götza wie er in die Kamera lächelt in einem dunkelblauen Hemd.
"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders read."

SEO is not a one-way-street.

This is exactly why I like to learn & read about other topics like Content Marketing, Sustainable Web Design, Accessibility, User Experience, etc.

I help business from different industries in both B2B & B2C to reach their Organic Growth goals through tailor-made SEO Strategies.

Strategy is essential & never optional.

Having no strategy is like flying blind. You might go somewhere, but rarely land where you want to (= achieve your goals).

My beliefs:

  1. Quality > Quantity= The end result needs to be as good as possible.
  2. Progress = Do something every day, to be better than you were yesterday.
  3. Sustainability = For the environment, the economy, and the people around us.
  4. Values = I firmly believe in staying true to what I value & believe in.


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Job Experience

Junior SEO Consultant
2023 - today
Company: Wingmen Online Marketing GmbH

Online Marketing Manager
2021 - 2023
Company: u+i interact GmbH

Online und Content Marketing Manager
2020 - 2021
Company: IMOGENT GmbH

Performance Marketing & Content Design
2020 - 2020
Company: Fireschutz GmbH

Academic Experience

University of Applied Sciences/HSBI Bielefeld
2018 - 2021
Course of Study: Master Marketing & Sales

University Paderborn
2017 - 2018
Course of Study: Master Business Administration (Focus Marketing)

University of Applied Sciences/HSBI Bielefeld
2012 - 2017
Course of study: Bachelor Business Administration (Focus Marketing)


How can you be contacted?

You can reach me via email at hallo@philipp-goetza.com or connect with me via LinkedIn.

Do you offer freelance services?

Currently I don't offer any freelance work. It's also not planned, but never say never.

Why webflow?

Put simply: I like visual editors & to be flexible in what I can do with a page design.

Webflow is also very comfortable, as you don't need to worry about hosting & performance is great on moderately sized websites.

Also, there is a strong community. There are countless templates, cloneables, tutorials, etc.